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Organic moves forward and is an emerging topic all over the world. As one community with one common passion, the aim needs to be to come closer together and intensify collaboration within the organic family. MoveOrganic - powered by BIOFACH makes the next step and gathers organic events under one roof. By connecting the industry across national borders, there is the chance to strengthen the organic movement and create beneficial effects for all stakeholders – for producers, retailers, consumers as well as associations and ministries. Let’s move organic as organic moves the world!

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Ekoloji, Turkey


Izmir, Turkey

EKOLOJİ İZMİR FAIR, where organic certified products, allowed inputs and sector services are exhibited, will be organized by İZFAŞ in cooperation with the Association for Ecological Agriculture Organizations (ETO). From organic clothing to baby products, from cosmetics to food and cleaning products, a wide range of innovative products is displayed. In addition, sectors like renewable energy, ecological tourism and certification bodies are covered at EKOLOJİ. Held simultaneously with OLIVTECH, the show brings together national and international stakeholders and is an interesting platform for industry professionals as well as for consumers.

Next event: May, 23 – 25, 2024
Bio Festival, Greece

Bio Festival

Athens, Greece

BIO FESTIVAL is the largest commercial forum and the ultimate benchmark for both professionals and consumers of the Greek organic sector. With the participation of almost 100 exhibitors, the most important commercial and productive companies of the industry will be present at the event. Through a rich and focused program of special events, professionals are informed about trends and developments in the industry while consumers gain a better knowledge of organic food and the general bio culture.

Next event: May, 2024
ORGANIC-2023, Ukraine


Kyiv, Ukraine

The exhibition ORGANIC-2023 is organized by Organic Federation of Ukraine, which aims to promote the organic production advantages and to develop the organic movement in Ukraine. For 10 years, the event is annually taking place within the framework of the main agrarian international exhibition in Ukraine: “AGRO”, putting a focus on organic food & drinks and various inputs for organic agriculture. As a second organic event, the Federation also organizes the “All-Ukrainian Organic Fair” for 14 years, taking place in the capital Kyiv as well each year in September.

MoveOrganic – powered by BIOFACH

BIOFACH, Germany


Nuremberg, Germany

The world’s leading trade fair for organic food is an important business event, an emotional event for the sector, and both a get-together and an opportunity for positioning.

Next event: February 13 – 16, 2024


With in total 8 exhibitions all around the globe, BIOFACH World connects organic marketplaces with international demand and promotes the development of regional markets at the same time. The leading trade fairs in BIOFACH World are the meeting places for supply and demand, raw materials and convenience products, manufacturers and buyers, as well as politics and media.

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